The meaning of a fairytale

Goodbye as a fairytale ending for girls like me.

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I paint with words

Sometimes poetry is painting the pain of a man whose legs aren’t strong enough to carry a broken heart

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Hair salons as therapy sessions

My birds and bees talk came in the form of hair salon gossip. My mother, Christian woman that she is, never spoke to me about sex. Her advice on the subject consisted of this one instruction, “Don’t sleep with boys, you’ll fall pregnant, and I’ll kick you out of my house.” So sex was pretty […]

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Love as an oxygen mask

Sometimes love comes to give us a second chance I was breathing in commas before you came my way Stranger with hands that reminded me of God  I was merely a fraction of all the tomorrows I let my yesterdays slip away with But you came and translated my suicidal thoughts into a language only […]

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Writing: The poor man’s job

It all sounds so romantic when they say it, when you read their books and they speak about it, not knowing that that would one day be your dream. Living it is a nightmare, punctuated by anxiety induced hysterics of,”Out of all the potential you have, this is what it has culminated into?”. The pursuit […]

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This notion of home

Writing this didn’t feel like it was enough. I have been seeing bits and pieces of talks about xenophobic attacks on social media. I avoided it as much as I could because it’s such a trigger. I cannot even begin to imagine how it must feel to be on the receiving end of this cruelty, […]

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