Much Ado About Everything

So many things

I have been so many things before I became what I am now. So many things have happened before I found myself here. So many things have brought me to this place. I’d love to promise that I’ll stay, but so many things have made me leave before.

I am a culmination of all the experiences I leave behind, each step towards growth, marked by everything I have been before change came along. I am all the loud and the quiet moments, every word I’ve spoken and every silence that has captivated me. I am a sum of all the decisions I didn’t take, out of fear or something else.

I am the cautions I’ve had to exercise, every uninhibited moment of facing life, breathless but still undeterred. Yes everything that I have been has had to make way for all that I am now, and that is still making way for all that I am becoming. I have learnt what it means to be afraid, and what it means to not let that be the reason why you stop moving. The strength that is in loving, when losing has cautioned you otherwise. 

Illustration by: Danny Modiba


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