Almost Poetic

The abandoned temple

The body as a hollow place only memory remembers

The church as some nostalgic feeling in the pit of your lungs that you use to call out to God and all you feel is empty 

People as abandoned grounds flooded with regrets, overflowing with goodbyes, tomorrow a distant memory

The abandoned temple as all the ways one can lose themselves in things, in people, in dreams, in ideas…

You are sacred even when no one sees

Worth a second look in a deserted land

You are home, the emptiness merely the silences bravery has to teach you to unlearn 

In a barren land, I long for God, I look for him among all the ways I couldn’t be enough

I call out to him, in broken phrases, every word coming out strained from screaming out your name 

My bones, a testimony of all the ways one can carry tomorrow on their own

My spine an altar of sacrifice for men whose only redemption is leaving ashes in their wake

Darling, this abandoned church is not made for you to worship false gods

To call out their name like a vow

Whisper apologies to them, veiled as kisses

You won’t find any forgiveness between my thighs

Only discarded tomorrows 

Image source: Tumblr


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