Almost Poetic

How to love a sad girl

I’m going to write you love poems

But if you look closely

You’ll see that they are instruction manuals

Riddled with metaphors

You have to learn to love a sad girl

it doesn’t come naturally:

  1. I’m fine is a sentence punctuated with “Hold me”
  2. If you see a smile creeping up on my face, don’t scare it away by calling it by name
  3. Alone is a feeling, a place and a person, and sometimes it is all these things at once
  4. If people are houses, home is a foreign land, don’t house tomorrow in sandcastles
  5. If home is a person, familiarize yourself with being a nomad
  6. Stay
  7. Sometimes “I’m fine” also means “I’m more”. It is a war cry, a way to silence the emptiness
  8. Sit with me in silence, and tell me it’s the best conversation you’ve ever had
  9. You are not an anti-depressant, don’t allow loving someone to tempt you into becoming something you are not
  10. This is a lot like dying, and every “Hello” sounds like a eulogy
  11. Leave



Sculpture by: Lionel Smit, image taken at Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg


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