Been there, Read that

The twist within the twist

I attended my first Creative Mornings session at the market theatre last Friday. The session, on the theme of Mystery, featured Frances Goodman: a writer/storyteller/visual artist, or let me just say, an artist.

I’ve noticed that creatives are never just one thing, you get illustrators who are also musicians, photographers who are models, writers who are coffee drinkers, that sort of thing.

I was skeptical at first, but one of her pieces had one of my favorite songs of all time, Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after time” and party lights which reminded me of last night’s shenanigans: a situation involving art, wine and good company, but this is not the time for that. Needless to say, my skepticism vanished as soon as she started talking.

Her talk was titled: The beginning, the Middle, and the Twist, and she spoke also of  the twist within the twist. It was my first time hearing of her or seeing her work, I felt so unworthy, and wondered why God keeps supplying me with oxygen. How have I existed for so long in a world where I didn’t know of her? I don’t deserve to be sharing air with her, let alone the same room. Such talent, and such a wonderful way of storytelling all in one body. She is magic, as is her work.

She is mostly known for speaking about vaginas by other fortunate human beings, but this time around she decided to “switch it up” her words, not mine, and speak about creating, as an art and as a duty. Inspiration, lessons and everything that comes with creativity. My favorite piece was one of a series she did on sex work, using car seats, beads, pearls and other materials.


On this she says, “I used the back seat of a car and materials popularly used to make women’s jewellery. These are the things one loses in the throes of passion, yourself included.”

She enjoys using symbols (flowers) and materials(nails) associated with femininity to create art pieces that are on the rough side, unorthodox and yet powerful. Stressing the importance of defining yourself as a woman. You are entitled to your rough edges.


Overall, it was a productive morning, filled with art, conversation and free breakfast 🙂


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