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Shoes Found At An Art Exhibition

August House hosted its final exhibition for the year, an art virtuoso, they called it, where we got to witness the painters in action, producing work on the spot, and having the audience participate in the whole thing. My initial plan was to photograph the paintings, the activity, and all the other things one would hope to see at an art exhibition, but it was the shoes that I ended up being drawn to.
What shoes do people wear to exhibitions? A thought that never struck me until I took the first picture, a pair of sneakers with geometric (not sure this is the pattern) shapes that my friend was wearing.a7028745887595-5840404e88b2c
Next was white sneakers, of course you’ll find a guy with crisp white sneakers at an exhibition, usually the guy who had to be convinced by his partner to come. Not that he doesn’t like art, he is more of an observer than one who actively seeks it out. His shoes are too clean, and so are his tastes: precise, logical, but he finds himself here.5f4f0945887595-5840404e82bf6

The person wearing heels is one of three people, the buyer, the seller, the “I’ve had a long day at work but I’ll pop in for five minutes to see what it’s all about” woman, who might also be a buyer, but not today.

Then you have the shoes that suggest that a person is a lover of beauty, they like to look at it, fantasize about owning, but they have no real idea what kind of art they would like, or if the artwork would really go well with their space. So they look and look, love some pieces, but leave without buying because, just like their choices in shoes, they have to find a piece that really speaks to them.
So, what do an art buyer’s shoes look like? They won’t be bright, but they’ll still draw your attention. A collector’s item on their own. I have also noticed something about a buyer’s shoes, they’ll either be shoes you really like, even if it’s not your taste, or shoes that will have you asking what the person was thinking. Art buyers are either really impulsive or very deliberate in the decisions they make.
The painter’s shoes, a beautiful mess. If hard-work and passion had a baby, these shoes would be it.
Then you have shoes belonging to the art whore. The art whore is a person who loves art, but does not commit to anything. They’ll love every single art piece, but won’t buy, because that’s not what they are here for. Your only bet is that they will eventually buy, which, coincidentally, is what they are also hoping for.
Overall, it was an interesting experience, the art just as beautiful as the shoes, if not more.
Images: Jack Nomad





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