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To the listening ear, I will sing songs of love


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The beauty and the pain of creating

The beauty and the pain that we create 

I postponed writing this for the longest time because I didn’t see myself as someone who could do this article and review writing thing, but this here is my first step to learning how to. It had to start with Sia. I have written so many poems and stories to this album, it was only fitting that I share part of what comprises my “writing ritual”. This is the baptism: Sia – This is acting (Album)

The first song on this album is Bird set free, where she speaks about creating for herself. It’s a breaking out song, about owning your voice, creating even in pain, creating even the pain, because you are creating for yourself. 

Alive is about survival. surviving pain, surviving all the beautiful, ugly and messy parts that make up who you are. Surviving having so little, surviving wanting so much. Surviving expressing yourself, surviving suppressing yourself. 

One million bullets is a love song. She’s outchea being a cross-the-oceans typa girl. I love the beat on this song and her voice, of course. It’s being courageous enough to think this is the right choice after so many wrong ones, it’s taking so many wrong turns and finally reaching home. 

Reaper is an ode to death ( read depression). Here she is saying “no baby, not today”. I’m not gonna say much about this song because I need you to listen to it. This was the second song on the album that I fell in love with on my first listen. 

Footprints  “and I only saw two footprints in the sand, thought you’d abandoned me and let go of my hand, but you were carrying me, carrying me to safety. Two footprints, your footprints in the sand” For me this song is about feeling alone, doubting the person who says they’ll be there when you need them cause you’ve been let down so many times before, only to find the person there for you when you need them the most. 

Broken glass I’d be lying if I said anything about this song, I didn’t even try to interpret it, I just love it. The chorus is so beautiful in such a Sia way I can’t even. She transposes towards the end and I just lose my mind, every single time. 

“So don’t give up it’s just young lovers romance”

The album has 12 tracks in total, but these are my absolute faves so I only focused on them. The overall theme throughout this album is empowerment,  sure it has moments when it’s broken and it’s aching, because… Sia, but when it all comes together, it screams power in every way. I’d give it a 6/10.

PS: I’m grateful whoever these songs were written didn’t get to sing them, because Sia needed to sing them, and that she did.


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