Much Ado About Everything

Things I Tell Myself When I’m Sad

Artwork by Pier Toffoletti
You matter

Right here, right now, even in the ways you feel insignificant

You matter even when you feel so invisible

Everything about who you are in this moment is enough

Do not ever let anyone make you feel ashamed for feeling in ink and praying in metaphors

You only had your heart at your disposal when you needed direction

Do not ever be afraid to call yourself home

You are enough


9 thoughts on “Things I Tell Myself When I’m Sad

      1. True, other humans are not bandages, but sometimes we need a helping hand from someone who cares. But it’s also nice to know that we can depend on ourselves too. I guess it’s a mixture of self confidence and also knowing when someone else can help. 😆😊 and no worries, I really enjoyed your poem 😊

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      2. True hey, it’s a matter of knowing which one you need at any given time, and knowing that even when you feel alone, you’ll always have yourself.

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      3. So true 😊 and I hope you are finding ways to cope with your depression, I’ve never experienced it so cannot really understand, but I hope you are getting better every day 😊 thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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