Almost Poetic

I forgive you

I’m placing metaphors on the curve of your back

I’m scribbling crooked smiles on the scars on your arms from cutting yourself

You thought you were shedding all the ways you couldn’t become

Little did you know, you were making room for a little more of you
I forgive you the insecure men and the bad decisions

I forgive you for waking up in stranger’s beds

Did the dimple on your cheek betray your sadness?

Did you ask them to leave when you were breaking from wanting to be held?

Did they believe you and walk away?

Is the familiarity of their backs too heavy to bear?

I forgive you the goodbyes you’ve had to squeeze out of your choking sobs

I forgive you for crying in unfinished sentences

Praying in broken phrases, tongue split in half

Soft spoken girl, overwhelmed by everything you are when no one is watching

I forgive their unseeing eyes


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