Almost Poetic

Songs of freedom

Oh, that i had wings like a bird on days like this
When I look around this land that forged every part of who I am, and beg to belong

Beg to be a part of it, to be one with the hills and mountains, higher than my hopes to see my children run free in this place I call home. To be one with the flowers, more beautiful than sunrise on a September morning. One with the ocean, as big as the dreams I have for you.

I dream of you, and I dream of peace, I dream of everything they will never sail away with, every part of you they’ll never fit into a boat

That is how I want to remember you

I don’t want to betray the parts of you they will never be able to rename, the heart and soul of who you are

Oh Africa, I long to sing of you in a language my mother fed me from her breast, I never wanna see you with borrowed eyes

I never want to read you in their words. They call you the dark continent, because you are full of stars, who shine because it’s the only thing they know how to do.

We shine for you, sparkle bright like the diamonds they cannot dig up from your soul to sell to the highest bidder.

We are your children, birthed in the beauty of everything you are.You’re  the only place we’ll ever call home. You don’t have to teach us a thing, we drank Ubuntu from your rivers. We are, because you are.

We’ll sing these songs of freedom, with our feet on the soil our ancestors walked with pride, tomorrow in our eyes. We’ll teach them to our children, we’ll tell them that they are not the parts they have lost, but all that remains. All that’s left standing after the storm.

I’ll sing, a song that reminds me of everything you taught me about what it means to belong, as I embrace you, mother to us all.


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