Almost Poetic

The aftermath 

Those born during war are bound to have a few scars

We were born to soldiers, who were too weary from the war to tend to our neediness

Who were too busy bandaging their wounds to focus on our bleeding hearts

They were in too much pain to think that even we were hurting
The pain of war blinds us to the pain of those we left behind

We’ve seen too much blood to think that scars that don’t bleed are just as painful

Just as in need of attention as our broken bones
We were born to soldiers who were too weary to pick up the pieces

Too tired to admit that even though the battle was won, the war within had just begun

Soldiers who had carried injured comrades on their shoulders

But could not bear to lift themselves up on days when Iife got a bit too much

We were born to people who only knew hurt and pain

How could our happiness not be offensive

People who only knew whips and chains

Who didn’t understand why we didn’t think freedom was enough


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