Burn After Reading

The goodbye letter that I never sent

Dear you

It seems like we always miss each other, our intentions are always at odds with our actions. We said too much and did too little, made promises that were not ours to keep.

The promise of forever was not ours to keep. 

You promised you’d always be here, only metaphorically of course, and here you are, the sum of all my poems.

I guess you did stay after all, in all the ways that mattered.

The way you looked into my eyes on the night you told me that you loved me, that still causes me to pause after every full stop. I take your smile in after each breath, right before I commence with every verse. You were always my favorite poem, a chapter in my book that I love to read on the days when I take long rides down memory lane.

Thank you for rhyming with my happy.


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