Burn After Reading

Dear love

I only started this journey with you because a friend asked me to do 29 love poems as some sort of series for February. Says she nominated me because I write love so beautifully.

I wish this were true. I wish you and I were more than just strangers, always hearing of talks about one another in whispers. I’m sure you’ve heard of the lonely brown girl who breathes in metaphors. I’m not sure if you stay up at night thinking about me though, wondering if I ever think about you.

Just so you know love, I think about you in between nightmares. Your name always comes out of me like a whisper, like some dirty secret I’m not supposed to tell. How do I go around telling people about you, when I have not the strength to forklift you out of my chest. You are so heavy within me, weighing me down whenever I go out in search of what I’m not.


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