Burn After Reading

Dear you

This letter is an apology, my love letters always have apologies as disclaimers, yours is an apology on its own. It is an apology for all the ways I couldn’t let you love me, all those unanswered love letters returned to your doorstep. Forgive me for not letting you in.

I’m sorry for the way things ended between us, to be fair, they didn’t really begin, and I’ll take the blame for that. I never gave you a chance. You came knocking, but I didn’t build these walls only to let strangers in when they come knocking. My walls were built to last, and I’m sorry you broke from the impact. Sorry you had to break yourself into pieces for me. I should have warned you of the war within these walls, maybe you could have saved yourself from walking in unarmed. You brought your heart, and I gave it back to you wrapped in all the poetry I’d written for him. I’m sorry I made a bad story out of your beautiful parts.

I hope you found someone who fell in love with your smile, and all the pieces of you I couldn’t destroy. Someone who made peace with all your nightmares, I’m sorry you had to leave with your dreams looking like that.

I wish you all the best.




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