Burn After Reading

Dear you

It’s been a year, and I still can’t get you out of my mind. We met around this time if I recall, it was in February. I seem to meet everyone I’m saving my goodbye for in February. I remember looking up from my phone, just as I was approaching the exit door, and there you were. We were meant to meet. You were meant to look into my eyes and smile as if you’d come in there looking for me. It’s nice to see what it means to be found. 

We shopped for tablets, pity there’s no prescription to erase you from my memory. Pity I wouldn’t take the pill even if it existed. I don’t wanna forget: your smile, your laugh, the way you so easily shared your deepest thoughts with me. We covered everything that seemed to matter over coffee and muffins, past, present, future. I still take mine with no sugar, in case you were wondering. You laid your heart at my feet, and I’ve been treading lightly ever since. I’ve been tiptoeing around moving on, walking slowly towards a tomorrow without you.

Maybe I should take this time to say goodbye to you. To store the haunting way your eyes looked at me over that cup of coffee, in my fondest memories. Some loves are lost, others are merely suspended in time, because only eternity can hold all they are worth. I’ll hold you deep in the confines of my heart till eternity allows me to spill everything we’ll ever be on these blank pages.




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